The following is a collection of useful resources from presentations and workshops presented during MOSIP Connect 2024. Please write to with any further inquiries.
MOSIP Programme Update
Learning and Evolving
Nagarajan Santhanam | Chief Dissemination Officer, MOSIP
Inside MOSIP
Trusted ID for All
Shrikant Karwa, Resham Chugani, and Harini Sampathkumar
The Biometrics Journey
Ensuring Responsible and Secure Collection and Usage
Sanjith Sundaram | Head – Partner Ecosystem, MOSIP
Establishing Identity at Birth
Foundational ID Issuance for Newborns
Annina Wersun | OpenCRVS
Ensuring Biometric Quality
Compliance & Certification
Sanjith Sundaram | Head – Partner Ecosystem, MOSIP
Anusha Sunkada | Technical Architect, MOSIP
Dr. Ted Dunstone | Bixelab
Exploring Emerging Opportunities
Go-To Market Strategies
Pramod Varma | CDPI
Sasikumar Ganesan | MOSIP
Myth-Busting Open-Source
Jon Lloyd and Amreen Taneja | DPGA
MOSIP as GovStack Identity Building Block
Jaume Dubois | GovStack
Nico Lueck | GovStack & GIZ
Safeguarding Identity Data
Strategies for Ensuring Security and Privacy
Sasikumar Ganesan | Head of Engineering – MOSIP
Handles in MOSIP
Anusha Sunkada | Technical Architect, MOSIP
IEEE Standard Meeting
Standards & Specifications
Rounak Nayak | Secretary - BioSecWC, IEEE
Keynote Address
Enabling a Trusted Digital Future
Brian Behlendorf | Open Wallet Foundation (OWF)
Plenary Session
On Verifiable Credentials
Pramod Varma | Centre for DPI (CDPI)
Digital Evolution: Issuance
Transitioning from Paper to Digital Credentials
Vishwanath Vaidyanathan | Principal Architect, MOSIP
Surendrasingh Sucharia | Product Manager, EkStep Foundation
Integrating eSignet with Existing ID Systems
with Zambia and Cambodia
Moderator: Krishnan Rajagopalan | MOSIP
Inside the Credentials Wallet
Harini Sampathkumar | Product Owner, MOSIP
Vishwanath Vaidyanathan | Principal Architect, MOSIP
Securing Biometrics
Liveness Detection, Fraud Management, and Uniqueness in Diverse Demographics
Santhosh Narayanan | Alan Turing Institute
Unlocking Trust
Strategies for Trusted Wallets and Ecosystems
Sasikumar Ganesan | Head of Engineering, MOSIP
Open-Source Licensing
A MOSIP Perspective
Srijoni Sen | Legal Advisor, MOSIP
Satish Mohan | CEO, Dhiway
Country Use Cases for Credentials: Insights and Perspectives
Kamya Chandra | Centre for DPI
Enhancing Wallet-Based Collaboration
Ecosystem and Wallet- Based Integrations
Moderator: Resham Chugani | MOSIP
Co-Developing for Inclusion and Mobility with Ethiopia and Cambodia
Moderator: Krishnan Rajagopalan | MOSIP
Building Trust in Cross-Border Identity
Interoperability Discovery Workshop on Authentication
Andrew A. Musoke | CMU Africa
Plenary Session
Tina George | WURI Project, World Bank
Decoding OpenG2P
Puneet Joshi | CTO, OpenG2P
DaaS: Simplifying DPI Implementation
Kamya Chandra | Centre for DPI
Good Technology Adoption Part 1
Fostering Reuse and Interoperability for Sustainable Solutions
Anita Mittal | DCI
Deployment Toolkit
Inclusion-Led Design of Deployment
Sarayu Natarajan & Kunal Raj Barua | Aapti Institute
Inclusion-Led Design of Technology
Pragya Kumari & Nadeem Kalariya | MOSIP
Facilitating Integration
WeSub as an Enabler
Shafreen Afran | WSO2
Samir Khaled | ATOS